So it is a new year, and we are making resolutions, going on diets, starting exercise routines, cleaning out our closets, and becoming more reflective. Again!

Perhaps you will consider an alternative approach to this beautiful, promising, exciting new year.Let’s make the year brilliant.  You know what brilliance looks like.  Its exciting and shinning. It removes the dullness of the moment and invites the possibilites of everything.  Each time you find yourself in a place of lack of  brilliance, focus on remembering extraordinary acts of love and kindness.Those special times when your heart was overcome with warmth, and you knew without a doubt you were cherished.  Nothing can deminish that feeling.  It is pure brilliance.

 One of my favorite memories took place on a cold winter night in Georgia about thirty years ago,  Our family had just moved to the sub-burbs of Atlanta when an unexpected winter storm crippled the city. My hushband, Richard, made it home before the worst of the storm, secured our children,and waited for me to make it home.  I got as far as I could by car and was forced to join about twenty other people to walk home in the ice and snow with no coat and very pretty, but inadequate, shoes. Remember, it was an unexpected storm..the kind that loves to visit Georgia.

 I managed to get a message to Richard that I had to abandon the car and was walking home.  During these times, cell phones were not common.  Our sub-division was new and further away than  the homes of my walking companions.  Eventually, I was all alone in the falling snow.  As I walked along, slow but certain panic gripped me as it became darker and more strange sounds emitted from the surrounding woods.  Suddenly, I saw an image in the distance that seemed to walk toward me. At first I thought it was just my imagination and fear, but it proved to be a real person getting closer and closer.  My feet were soaked and soggy.  I prepared to run.  Then the voice said, “I thouhgt you would need your boots.” It was my husband, Richard.  He has found his way in the storm to rescue me and walk me safely home.  The feeling of safety and security filled my chilly body and warmed me completly.  We walked home on the most beautiful winter night I can remember.  The sky was clear and the stars were brilliant!

 Let your light so shine that men will know you are a disciple of Christ, the light of the world.

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