“I woke up like this!”

There is so much attention on physical appearance, beauty, and glamor these days. Especially in the rich and famous circles.  Just recently, I recall a lot of media frenzy surrounding Tina Knowles, and Kris Kardashian.  Both these women are famous beauties of famous beautiful daughters.  First, Kris Kardashian posted a picture of herself that defied the reality of her age rendering many  people in awe and envy.  Then shortly afterwards, Tina Knowles posted a picture of herself just waking up. She was beautiful. Her caption read,”I woke up like this.”  Well, that did it.  This woman was just naturally beautiful. No contest.

So what?..you may ask. As an aging woman myself, I tend to try  to take particular care to look my best.  Exercise, rest, physical care and the other regiments women take.  Tina’s post hit a cord.  Perhaps, mother nature and father time have already posted the ultimate message.  You either have it or you don’t.  Vanity, thy name is woman!

Of course, all this took far too much of my time and energy. I had to examine my focus on wellbeing, health, and priority. Upon  reflection of the awesome lesson from  Lamentations 3:21-23, I came to this conclusion:

Waking up  is a blessing. Just the new mercy of another day is a blessing.  Each day holds possibilities for love, friendship, and joy.  So, my post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is that I woke up like this:

“With my hands lifted up and my heart filled with praise!”


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